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Est. 2014

OWLEYES specializes in the UAS civil sector and it provides a wide range of drone services that include aerial photography and video, remote sensing, commercial aerial surveillance as well as various custom applications that can be tailored to the customer’s exact specifications.

In 2018 OWLEYES became a member of the SEAGULL SA Group of companies and in 2022 a proud member of GROUPER ENTERTAINMENT AG.


Our main objective is to supply innovative UAV solutions that allow customers to fulfill their objectives in the most efficient and productive way.

To achieve that we are constantly working towards maintaining the highest level of quality in the services we provide, always seeking to exceed our customers’ expectations.



As a company OWLEYES not only invests in new Hardware or Software, but also in the growth and continuous evolution of its people. Over the years a strong team has been shaped by integrating people from several different fields of expertise in order to support the services provided in the most professional way, such as:

  • Expert UAS certified operators and instructors with hundreds flight hours in the most challenging environments

  • Professional and experienced mechanical and marine engineers

  • Experts in 3D modelling and design

Additionally our company has established key partnerships with leading Software and UAS companies from all over the world. That way our team can responsibly take on any project under its Application and Services portfolio, ensuring top quality, but also take on new challenges as well.


With a strong sense of responsibility, good knowledge of all the different industries needs & requirements, and with a customer focused mentality, our company can confidently suggest high quality services standards.

Driven by professionalism we always seek ways to improve in our constant pursuit for perfection, so that we can create a trustworthy relationship with our new customers, but also maintain strong bonds with our existing customers too. 

Therefore becoming certified by both national and worldwide recognised and leading organisations is not only something we can be really proud of, but also a proof of the high quality services and standards we have to offer.



Recognised External Specialist in Remote Inspection Techniques


UAS Aerial Works &

UAS Pilot Training Centre


Quality Management


We are certain that UAS are here to stay, and that through continuous Research and Development more applications and services will evolve as the technology of the UAVs constantly advances, offering new possibilities.

This is why we have formed our own R&D Division, and together with key strategic partnerships we are putting together advanced software with customised hardware to expand our services portfolio. 

By looking with determination into the future, we are striving in becoming one of the pioneering and leading companies worldwide.

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